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Opening session (Hall N2, Chair: - ) Aspects of quantum optics I (Hall N2, Chair: I. Gerhardt) High resolution single molecule spectroscopy I (Hall N2, Chair: N. Manson) Quantum/plasmonic hybrid systems (Hall N2, Chair: T. Basché)
9:00 Alfred J. Meixner
9:00 Vahid Sandoghdar
On the efficient interaction of single photons and single emitters
9:00 Thomas Basché
Electronic coupling in a homologous series of molecular dimers
9:00 Michel Orrit (Keynote)
Single-molecule optical studies by fluorescence, absorption or plasmon shifting
9:20 W. E. Moerner (Keynote)
Watching dynamical processes for single biomolecules in solution
9:30 John Glen Bartholomew
Damage induced strain shifts in rare earth ion doped crystals: a problem or a solution?
9:30 Yuri Vainer
Phononless spectra and spectral dynamics of single molecules on and several nanometers below the surface of solids
9:50 Neil Manson
Vibrational interaction in the nitrogen vacancy centre in diamond
9:50 Tobias Utikal
High-resolution spectroscopy of rare-earth ions in a solid-state crystal: Towards single-ion detection
9:40 Masaru Oda
Exciton relaxation process due to surface-plasmon-coupled emission in colloidal CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals
10:00 Jürgen Köhler
Sunlight, purple bacteria, and quantum mechanics
10:10 Lars Rippe
Storing quantum states in a stretched cavity
10:10 Andrei Naumov
Zero-phonon line enhancement of single-molecule spectra at crack surfaces in doped dielectric molecular crystals
10:00 Pierre-Michel Adam
NanoPlasmonics: From surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy to metal enhanced fluorescence
10:30 Coffee break
10:30 Coffee break
10:30 Coffee break
10:30 Coffee break
Single molecule light harvesting (Hall N2, Chair: J. Köhler) Rare earth / quantum information (Hall N1, Chair: A. Rebane) Aspects of quantum optics II (Hall N2, Chair: W. E. Moerner) High resolution single molecule spectroscopy II (Hall N2, Chair: R. Bratschitsch) Ultra-short phenomena (Hall N2, Chair: A. Mews)
11:00 Sebastian Mackowski
Photosynthetic hybrid nanostructures: From absorption enhancement to plasmonic circular dichroism
11:00 R. L. Cone
Rare-earth doped materials for quantum information, optical signal processing, laser frequency stabilization, ultra-sharp filters, and medical imaging technology
11:00 Rudolf Bratschitsch
Nitrogen-vacancy color centers in diamond: charged states and efficient coupling to the light field
11:00 John Lupton
Molecular mesoscopics: Approaching organic semiconductors from the bottom up
11:00 Walter Pfeiffer
2D nanoscopy of longlived coherent modes on corrugated metal films
11:30 Ryszard Jankowiak
Probing electron transfer times in photosynthetic reaction centers by hole-burning spectroscopy
11:30 Rose Ahlefeldt
Characterization of EuCl3.6H2O for quantum computation
11:30 Roman Kolesov
Optical detection of single rare-earth species in optical crystals
11:30 Jörg Pieper
Simulation of phonon structure in line-narrowed spectra
11:30 Artur Zrenner
Coherent control of excitons in single semiconductor quantum dots
11:50 Richard Hildner
Persistent coherent energy transfer in single light-harvesting complexes
11:50 Sarah E. Beavan
Rephasing spontaneous emission in a rare earth ion-doped solid
11:50 Ivan Scheblykin
Visualization of energy migration in individual nanostructures - from conjugated polymers to molecular aggregates
11:50 Indrek Renge
Metastable chlorin tautomer - a floppy chromophore in the excited state?
12:00 Slawa Schmidt
Adiabatic nanofocusing on a gold tip as a spatially confined, few-cycle pulse source
12:10 Dorota Kowalska
Fluorescence imaging of PCP complex - Ag nanowire hybrid nanostructures
12:10 Alban Ferrier
Long optical storage in a rare earth doped crystal using dynamical decoupling
12:10 Andreas M. Kern
Exciton-plasmon coupling in realistic quantum/plasmonic hybrid systems
12:10 Marc Brecht
Single molecule spectroscopy of Photosystem I and bio-nano-hybrids
12:20 Jana B. Nieder
Coherent control of individual light-harvesting complexes
12:30 Lunch
12:30 Lunch
12:30 Lunch
12:40 Lunch
Single molecule spectoscopy: Dynamics and chemistry I (Hall N2, Chair: V. Subramaniam) Quantum information and coherence I (Hall N1, Chair: R. Cone) Confocal and subdiffraction microscopy I (Hall N2, Chair: J. Kikas) Applications of single molecule spectroscopy (Hall N2, Chair: J. Enderlein) Near-field and tip enhanced spectroscopy (Hall N2, Chair: M. Orrit)
14:00 H. Peter Lu
Probing single-molecule enzyme active-site conformational state intermittent coherence and time bunching dynamics
14:00 Wolfgang Tittel
Quantum memory and entanglement
14:00 Jörg Enderlein
Einstein's coefficients, electric dipoles, and the local density of electromagnetic modes
14:00 Vinod Subramaniam
Amyloid at the nanoscale: single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy to characterize protein conformational dynamics and aggregation
14:00 Alf Mews
Optical spectroscopy of single semiconductor nanocrystals close to gold nanoparticles
14:30 I. S. Osad'ko
Important role of donor and acceptor 'dark' states in FRET going via singlet levels in single D-A pairs
14:30 Matthieu Bonarota
Revival of silenced echo for optical quantum memory in rare-earth crystals
14:30 Kai Braun
Probing TERS spectra in a tunneling junction by a scanning DC electric field
14:30 Daniela Täuber
Structure and dynamics in frustrated liquid crystal films explored using fluorescent tracer molecules
14:30 Miriam Böhmler
Nanoscale optical imaging of single CdSe nanowires
14:50 Mihkel Pajusalu
Exciton self-trapping in photosynthetic antennas revealed by single-molecule and exciton-state selective spectroscopies
14:50 Heloise Linget
Time reversal of optically carried RF signals
14:50 Martin Vacha
Sub-diffraction localization of single molecules: Physics of thin polymer films and nanoimprint pattern imaging
14:50 Cornelius Krasselt
Blinking dynamics of single semiconductor quantum dots: Evidence for intermediate intensity levels and hole trap states revealed by change point analysis
14:50 Volker Deckert
Raman spectroscopy at 1 nm and beyond?
15:10 Niels Zijlstra
Establishing the composition of alpha-synuclein oligomers using single-molecule photobleaching
15:10 Philippe Goldner
Sub-MHz optical homogeneous linewidth in Eu3+:Y2O3 nanocrystals
15:10 Bruno Chilian
Stochastic optical super resolution microscopy (STORM) with semiconductor nanocrystals
15:10 Alexey I. Chizhik
Nano-cavity: A simple and powerful tool for tuning, controlling and studying the fluorescence of electric dipole emitters
15:10 Nina Rauhut
Antenna-enhanced photocurrent microscopy on single-walled carbon nanotubes
15:30 Coffee break
15:30 Coffee break
15:30 Break
15:30 Alfred J. Meixner
Closing remarks
Single molecule spectoscopy: Dynamics and chemistry II (Hall N2, Chair: P. Adam) Quantum information and coherence II (Hall N1, Chair: P. Goldner) Confocal and subdiffraction microscopy II (Hall N2, Chair: H. P. Lu)
16:00 Patrik R. Callis
MD + QM simulations of RFP spectral properties: Viewing the fluctuating environment
16:00 Mikael Afzelius
Rare-earth-doped crystal quantum memory
16:00 Aleksander Rebane
Vibronic coupling in two-photon absorption of dipolar chromophores
End of program
16:30 Toshiro Tani
Synthesys and fluorescence imaging microscopy of QD-CPN conjugates for conformational dynamics of proteins
16:30 Mingzhen Tian
Spatial configuration for atomic comb-based quantum memory
16:30 Ines Trenkmann
Comparison of ensemble and single particle methods to determine the number of dye molecules embedded in hybrid-nanoparticles
16:30 Social event: Boat trip
16:50 Eric L. Chronister
Mechanochemistry of the bisanthracene photoisomer
16:50 Thomas Halfmann
Enhanced optical data storage up to several seconds by EIT in a doped solid
16:50 Rafael Camacho
2D polarization imaging in single molecule spectroscopy: Anisotropy reloaded
17:10 Gregor Jung
Fluorescent dye developments towards single-molecule chemistry
17:10 Edwin Ostertag
Near-field imaging with apertureless solid immersion lens compared to a pinhole tip
17:30 Break
17:30 Break
18:00 - 21:00 Poster session I
Poster session and sponsor exhibition with refreshments in the lecture hall center
18:00 - 21:00 Poster session II
Poster session and sponsor exhibition with refreshments in the lecture hall center
19:30 Social event: Conference dinner